Reading Incentives

Reading Incentives:

Words Read: AR keeps track of the words read in AR. Students will get rewarded based on the chart below: 
50,000 words = extra recess 
150,000 words = extra recess
275,000 words = extra recess
400,000 words = extra recess, homework pass 
500,000 words = extra recess, homework pass
600,000 words = extra recess, homework pass
700,000 words = extra recess, homework pass, ice cream 
800,000 words = extra recess, homework pass, ice cream, free book
900,000 words = extra recess, homework pass, ice cream, $10
1,000,000 words = Royal Treatment

Reader Leaders: Students who reach their quarterly AR goal will be invited to a Reader Leaders session in which they will enjoy a snack and do an activity. 

Reading Chain: This is a project for the entire school! It’s both a competition and a synergizing endeavor. Each grade will be a team and all staff will be a team. Teachers will be on their grade’s team. The staff team will include admin, counselor, media specialist, academic coach, specials teachers, office staff, nurse, custodians, lunchroom staff, and anyone else who is part of the Bernd family and not assigned to a specific grade.

For every book a student, staff, or faculty member reads, a link will be added to their team’s reading chain. It will be a competition to see which team has the longest chain by the end of the school year.

 Each team is assigned a color:

 Preschool and Kindergarten: Purple

1st: Blue

2nd: Green

3rd: Orange

4th: Yellow

5th: Red

Staff: White

Strips of paper are located on a table in the media center, organized by team. When anyone finishes a book, they will take a strip of paper, write the name of the book and their name, and turn it in to Ms. Woodard. She will then add it to the appropriate team’s reading chain. After the winning team is announced at the end of the year, all reading chains will be put together to see how many books we, as an entire school, have read.

Much of this activity will depend upon the honor system. For example, we are trusting that adults who read Goodnight, Moon to their child won’t count it as a book for a link to their chain. J

Book Theme of the Month
: Students write a response to the book of the month prompt and turn it in to Ms. Woodard. Students who turned in a submission will be put into a raffle. At the end of the month, the raffle will be drawn. The winner will pick out a prize from the media center.  

Swag tags: Swag tags are awarded to students who met their personal AR goal. Students must earn enough points with an 80% average correct on books within their Lexile zone of proximal development. Students who met their personal AR goal may be out of dress code for the remainder of the quarter. Students must wear the swag tag when out of dress code. Once a new quarter begins, students must be in dress code until the new AR goal is attained. 

Mid-Year AR Party: Students must meet their personal AR goal for the first and second quarter to be invited to the Mid-Year AR Party in January. 

AR Mystery Trip: Students must meet their personal AR goal for all four quarters to be invited to the AR Mystery trip in May. 

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