Media Center

Welcome to Bernd's
Media Center!

Our Media Center Mission: 

The Bernd Library Media Center will be a peaceful and fun place where all students can read, learn, and complete tasks and where teachers can find tools to help students learn and lead. 

Our Student's Technology Pledge

  1. I will carry my laptop/iPad with two hands.
  2. I will pick up my laptop/iPad from the base.
  3. I will always be kind to my laptop/iPad and tap the keys and screen softly.
  4. I will keep food, drinks, and candy away from my laptop/iPad.
  5. I will only use the apps and websites my teacher tells me to use.
  6. I will gently plug in and unplug my charger.
  7. I will not pop off any keys from the keyboard.
  8. I will not alter the settings of my laptop/iPad.
  9. I will not remove any stickers or labels on the laptop/iPad.
  10. I will not mark or decorate my laptop/iPad or its case with stickers, markers, crayons, etc.
  11. I will leave my laptop/iPad in the proper place at the end of the day.
  12. I will always keep up with my charger.
  13. If I have an iPad, I will not use an iPhone charger to charge my iPad.
  14. I will be careful when I am moving around my classroom and make sure I do not step or sit on a laptop/iPad.
  15. I will be a good digital citizen at all times.
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